Palleted batches of  cleaned old bricks deserve to find a worthy use in restoration projects, rather than being cut about by me. I rely on finding bricks thrown away or being given away. If you have any suitable ones that you are prepared to give me, I will make a donation to a local head injuries charity (Herefordshire Headway). I am happy to collect small quantities locally - even just 3 or 4. 

Contrary to what might be expected, I don't like sculpting soft bricks; they may be easy to carve but they don't hold a clean sharp edge when shaped. Bigger, older, harder bricks are favourite. Especially industrial ones with some purple or bronze colouring within them. Or yellow ones. Or dark red ones. I can't use soft, crumbly, sugary or flaky ones or lightweight commons. Nor those made with holes through them. They don't need to be clean - they can be heavily weathered, or even painted, or with mortar attached. Bricks that are a bit  damaged around the ends or edges are also usable, or even half bricks. Mis-shapen ones discarded by bricklayers are fine. I can also make use of old blue clay paving bricks.  Email me at if you have a few that you think might appeal.  At present I am particularly looking for bricks that are stamped with the name or locality of the brickworks from which they came (see the doorstops on my 'Gallery C' page, and my Pieces Of History page at ).   


I am  looking for a (free) storage space close to home. Partly for bricks (stackable outside), but mainly for reclaimed wood, which I use for my other hobby - crafting small wooden furniture items/ keyrings/ vases/ crates. Somewhere the size of a single garage would do nicely; bigger than that would be nicer still. The closer to home the better, somewhere in between Bromyard, Leominster and Hereford. 


If you are a joiner or carpenter prepared to gift me a few short pieces of hardwood now and then - planed or sawn - new or old - I can utilise even the tiniest lengths (50mm upward), in thicknesses from 4mm to 75mm and widths from 20mm to 250mm. Pieces that feature knots or fungal staining are fine, and so are pieces with rusted nails or metal. Short offcuts of old hardwood floorboard. Moldings. I am happy to pick over waste heaps or skips, so do tip me off before debris is cleared away!


If you are able to offer display space within north-Herefordshire, south-Shropshire, north Gloucestershire - either regular or occasional - please let me know. I am sometimes able to put together a selection of items that tally with a themed event. If you think that one particular item on its own would look good in your cafe or bar, let me know.


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