Most of my bottle shapes are drilled to accommodate a display of twigs or dried flowers. Please note that they cannot hold water for fresh flowers.


Many shapes (fish, hearts, crosses, letters & numerals) can be laid within paving or steps, like the example below.

Dice. Numbers 2-6 are indented, but side 1 is drilled to take dried flower stems

Primitive head. Carved freehand, so no two of these are the same.

Individually carved paperweights, 6cm-9cm wide,  are available in heart, lozenge and oval shapes

Pig pictured before he was finished. Now sold.

A temporary mix'n'mismatch play on the Herefordshire Art Week logo. The 'A' utilises a double-size brick  shaped by the sea and  found on a beach at  Llanelli. 

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