Gallery C


Miniature troughs - for tiny alpines , mosses, crevice plants, cacti or bonsai. 


These colourful bricks above (not for sale) have been smoothed by the sea after being washed there from a demolished factory.  

Varnished doorstop with handle. Various name-stamped bricks. See myFacebook page 'Pieces Of History'. Below is a souvenir Herefordshire brick.


Rustic hearts. Build one into someone's patio, pathway or wall for Valentines Day! (see sample panel below left). Or as indoor/outdoor fireside/garden ornament. Being individually made, sizes all vary slightly, but are around 100mm (4") wide x 28-38mm thick.

 I can also produce them in a 20mm thickness for setting into the face of a plastered wall internally or a rendered wall externally (sample panel below).

  The simple car shape works well as a door or gate stop. Lorry and tractor shape also available

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