Chunky brick arrows can be used to indicate directions between exhibits at an outdoor event, or around a garden. Either temporarily placed or permanently laid within paving.  The 'old rugged cross' is about 35mm thick, about 205mm (8") high. Like most shapes, it can be used as a paving insert.  I also make them thinner for setting into the plastered face of an interior wall, or the renderd face of an exterior wall.


A birthday set. Initials and age. Small (9.5cm high x 7.5cm wide x 6cm deep). These cost about two-thirds the price of  letters & numbers cut from full bricks. The same style is available in thinner brick (about 3cm thick)  at about half the price of full brick ones. I can also make them thinner still - about  2cm thick - for setting within a plastered wall face (or within external cement render, as house name/number)

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